Francis Alÿs, 06 Apr 2013 — 08 Sep 2013

Francis Alÿs

The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo presents an exhibition in two parts that provides an overview of the complete output of critically acclaimed artist Francis Alÿs born in Antwerp and based in Mexico.

After Part 1: Mexico Survey (April 6 – June 9 , 2013) that gave an overview of Alÿs’ oeuvre, focusing on works he created in Mexico, Part 2: Gibraltar Focus (June 29 – September 8, 2013) introduces Alÿs’ new, large-scale project that took place across the Gibraltar Strait, which separates Africa and Europe. Alluding to the issue of immigrants, Alÿs engages in an imaginative attempt with children to connect the two continents. The project will be presented through videos, installations, paintings and drawings.

The large-scale project Don’t Cross the Bridge Before You Get to the River was held in the Strait of Gibraltar in 2008 but has not been presented in a comprehensive form for a while. Part 2 will be the large-scale presentation of this project through approximately one hundred pieces, including video, paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures.

Francis Alÿs has continued to create work not only in Mexico where he is based, but also London, Peru, Israel, and the Strait of Gibraltar. His works are allegories of the social circumstances that are particular to the area in question. Alÿs inserts intriguing stories into his socially conscious work and in so doing provides viewers with an alternative viewpoint in understanding those issues. The exhibition highlights Alÿs’ artistic approach in confronting the real world.

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

T: +81 3 5245 4111

MOT – Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku

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