1986 – 2016: 30 Years of Art. 30 Italian Artists., 28 Oct 2016 — 21 Jan 2017

1986 – 2016: 30 Years of Art. 30 Italian Artists.

Mazzoleni, Piazza Solferino 2

A prestigious exhibition presenting the Mazzoleni gallery’s exceptional 30-year
commitment to promoting Italian art around the world.
Mazzoleni 1986-2016: 30 years of art. 30 Italian artists, curated by Gaspare Luigi
Marcone, represents an opportunity to explore the stages in a unique journey via the icons of the Italian 20th century.

The exhibition traces a coherent path through the history of 20th century art with works by 30 Italian artists, starting out with the Italian movements that in the early years of the century had the greatest international impact: Futurism and Metaphysical Art. An influence that nourished the proliferation of interweaving and genealogies with the artists who came onto the art scene in the following decades.
The research and works of Balla, Severini, de Chirico and Savinio were to be decisive for artists such as Fontana, Burri, Capogrossi, Dorazio, Vedova and Baj. In their turn, these artists represented points of reference for others born between the Thirties and Fifties such as Castellani, Manzoni, Bonalumi, Colombo, Paolini and Nunzio to name but a few.

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T: +39 011 534473
M: torino@mazzoleniart.com

Mazzoleni, Piazza Solferino 2

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