Eva Frapiccini: Selective Memory I Selective Amnesia, 17 Apr 2015 — 30 May 2015

Eva Frapiccini: Selective Memory I Selective Amnesia

Peola Simondi, Via della Rocca, 29

Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of artist Eva Frapiccini (b. 1978, Recanati).

Frapiccini‘s work explores the influence and the lasting effects of political and cultural conditioning in the processes of the creation of memory. Her works often come from knowledge of and personal experience in countries disrupted by political events, to explore the theme of identity and its invisible forms of expression.

For this exhibition, Frapiccini re-evokes images from the past. These are travel memories, photographs of near and distant countries, views on worlds that the artist has learnt to discovered and become familiar with also through her lens. After a period of sedimentation – the two times she stayed in the Arab countries date back to a few years ago -, she picked up those photographs again and began to select on the basis of “an idea of suspension”, an interval between one image and the other. Instead of then matting and displaying them in the form of an album, atlas, collection or database, she structured the exhibition (which contains eight photographs from the Lamine series) as a showcase or exhibiting framework rather than as an archive. Instead of working on the multitude, she concentrated on the single images, isolating and modifying them. Her research is on photography as an archive for information and a means of memory rather than a reconstruction or reactivation of the archive itself.

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Peola Simondi, Via della Rocca, 29

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