Fatma Bucak: Nothing is in its own place, 25 Sep 2015 — 05 Dec 2015

Fatma Bucak: Nothing is in its own place

Peola Simondi, Via della Rocca, 29

Alberto Peola Gallery presents Fatma Bucak’s second solo exhibition.

Born in eastern Turkey and identifying as both Kurdish and Turkish, Fatma Bucak creates art that continues a life-long negotiation and interrogation of the ideological and conceptual conditions of border landscapes. Her films, photographs, and installations emerge from and perpetuate the liminality of borders. The title of her exhibition Nothing is in its own place speaks to her confrontation of the contingency of border spaces and the tenuous interdependency that resides within them.

The works exhibited at Alberto Peola bring together the output of her time working with and within the communities of the Turkish-Armenian border, the Armenian-Iranian border, central Anatolia, and the Texas-Mexico border. Rather than present each project as a distinct body of work, Bucak has chosen to display the works from these different situations as one installation, moving through three space

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T: +39 011 812 4460
M: info@peolasimondi.com

Peola Simondi, Via della Rocca, 29

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