Peter Mohall solo show, 07 Nov 2015 — 12 Jan 2016

Peter Mohall solo show

Luce Gallery, Largo Montebello, 40

Luce Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by the swedish artist Peter Mohall, where he will present a series of new paintings alongside sculptures in the gallery’s space.

The central body of work includes two series of paintings with a mutual focus on the brushstroke, although with significant different approaches.

In the Brushstrokes painting  series, sculpting techniques is appropriated and transferred into painting. Thick brushstrokes are casted, copied and multiplied, resulting in a painting of a plurality of identical strokes. In a new technique Mohall retraces the expressionist and post-expressionist theories on the brush gesture, conceiving a formal minimalism inspired by the most recent trends introduced firstly by Jow Bradley and then developed by David Ostrovski. Although his work is the result of his scandinavian culture that is visible in the work, in an examination of the aesthetic consequences of repetition, where the mechanical is set against the painterly authenticity. The repetition becomes a tool in painting, which continues in the installation where paintings are grouped by colour and compositions. Both series has an element of painterly “impossibilities”. In the Brushstrokes series this impossibility is the identical brushstrokes, in the Flat Gradient Brushstrokes  series, it is the soft gradation within the brushstroke, where the artist works with a particular technique with multiple layers of paint and melted wax. The show also includes sculptures made of abdominal training devices that are merged and assembled incorrectly.

The artist finds interest in the change of context and the altering of communication of an object through abstraction, where the object moves on the boarder of being recognizable more or less as a sculpture in relationship to be seen as the initial product in itself.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm

mon, sat, sun

T: +39 011 1889 0206

Luce Gallery, Largo Montebello, 40

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