Josephine Meckseper, 17 Nov 2018 — 03 Mar 2019

Josephine Meckseper

MOSTYN, 12 Vaughan Street

The solo exhibition features both existing works and new commissions by the New York based artist Josephine Meckseper, whose practice combines elements form different languages. Her pieces result from the melting of modernist-inspired features, the language of commercial display and artist’s own photographic and video documentation of political protest movements.

The exhibition at MOSTYN, in particular, revolves around two dimensional and film works, a set of sculptures and one of her mirrored vitrines. This pieces, significant of Meckseper’s signature style, consist of common items, such as advertisements and everyday objects, encased in glass vitrines along with abstract paintings and sculptures, arranged by the artist as windows on the collective imaginary of current society.

The show is part of the series “In Conversation”, which brings together two solo shows at the gallery to explore themes which recur in different artists’ practice.



Contacts & Details

T: +44 (0)1492 879 201

MOSTYN, 12 Vaughan Street
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