Alessandra Chemollo: Relectures, 05 May 2015 — 09 Oct 2015

Alessandra Chemollo: Relectures

Wilmotte Foundation, Cannaregio, 3560, Venice, Italy

Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Alessandra Chemollo met each other during the shooting of the exhibition «Indians of the Plains» at the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.
Seduced by her work, the architect proposed to the photographer to undertake a “Re-reading” of a number of museographical projects designed by Wilmotte & Associés.

There are different ways for an architect and a photographer to work together, with many alternative interpretations possible. There is always, however, the same end result for the architect to discover his or her project as seen from a different eye, as once said by the architect Alvaro Siza, to see the “unconscious process” of the creator revealed. In this relationship, the exhibited work imposes itself as the real subject of the image, distancing the intervention of both the architect and the photographer: the art of revealing the artwork for the architect, and the certainty of the photographer who believes the only possible photographic interpretation is the one arising from a “careful listening” of the subject.

These photographs are made by creating a single image from the superposition of several photos. With a technique that involves an editing software for the photographs taken with perspective control lens applied to a digital camera. To recompose the parts obtained by exploring the space in directions allowed by the lens movement, for instance a recreated virtual image which strives to amplify the visual field obtained by adding fragments.

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Tue – Sun 10am – 1.30pm, 2pm – 6pm


T: +39 041 4761160

Wilmotte Foundation, Cannaregio, 3560, Venice, Italy

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