Anomale Architetture Aliene, 15 Jun 2016 — 15 Jul 2016

Anomale Architetture Aliene

Silos, Giudecca 800/ R

With this new production cultural association SILOS, ARTE. MUSICA. ARCHITETTURA, promotes an event that will not be neither a fair nor an exhibition as one might guess.

The concept is an interactive “performance”, where the public, the art-works and the artists are abnormal parts of alien architectures proposals. The obligatory route, the stops, the pauses, the voices, the music and the silence are
the elements that define and determine the alien architectures.
The occasion is tied to the 15th Biennale of Architecture and the basic idea is to recognize the role of “architecture” to other elements of construction, even if they are not participating.
They are elements of a different architecture, aliens, indeed! anomalous, indeed!, but they contribute do define everyday forms and shapes and spaces in the same way as buildings and urban systems! During a round table Maestro Vittorio Gregotti cleverly defined the role of the architects as “.. a calligrapher of the territory!”
Undoubtedly this should be its role and not just the “starlight” of the great works that too often unwittingly become subject of “inspiration” for architecture of everyday live, diverting the meaning and proposing into territories in modes and featured inadequate and too often embarrassing ways.
Calligraphers of the everyday space, this will be the artists and participates, creating a collective performance with a re-reading and transcription of the present, with plans for a new present, different and to learn to read with awareness!  In case of this ambitious project, SILOS is proud to collaborate with the curators Massimo Donà, Italo Zannier, Umberto Zampini.

With  Italo Zannier / Umberto Zampini / Alberto Lasala / Paola Madorno /Elisabetta Zanutto / Piero Viti / Giulio Zannier / Marino Zancanella / Giancarlo Fabbi /Marco Nardini / Giovanni Di Vito / Laura Mirè / Gerhard Krammer / Davide Gabriele/ Serena Nono / Nicola Golea / Claudia Zuriato.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

sun, mon

T: + 39 041 200 2875

Silos, Giudecca 800/ R

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