Antoni Muntadas: Da qui a là…, 05 Dec 2015 — 30 Jan 2016

Antoni Muntadas: Da qui a là…

Michela Rizzo, Giudecca 800/q, Venice, Italy

Galleria Michela Rizzo presents “Da qui a là…”, the new exhibition by Antoni Muntadas.

The exhibition is composed of a sequence of images: “Sentences”, an art installation, some photographs and a film. The artworks have been reunited to show the second exhibition at Galleria Michela Rizzo, “Protocolli Veneziani”, a project by Muntadas who considers Venice as unique city distinguished by its own arrangements and regulations. The selected photographs, that show architectural traces and fragments of the lagoon city, are bonded to the film “Dérive Veneziane” – a consideration on the darker and unknown side of Venice – presented and shown last summer during the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

The artwork “Mirar, Ver, Percibir” is an art installation which creates a relationship with the audience, meditating on the manners to perceive, organize and express.

Exhibited for the first time in Italy, “Sentences” shows linguistic expressions used as political slogans, which abuse from media has deeply influenced the collective imagination. From the most known “Brasil…Tudo bem, Tudo Bom!” (Brasil) and “Tout va bien” (France), to the local “Nessuno come noi” – produced by Galleria Michela Rizzo, photographed in Neaples and realized in Venice – is considered as voice and expression of Italian spirit.

Multidisciplinary artist, who spaces from photographs to videos and from installations to urban interventions, is particularly known for his projects in which media and new media with social and political purposes are considered art works. Antoni Muntadas has participated in many international exhibitions, such as Documenta VI and X in Kassel, Biennale di Venezia ’72, ’76, 2005, São Paulo, Lyon. He has shown his art works in numerous international museums and he has also worked as professor in European and American academic institutions. In Italy, he has been working together with Galleria Michela Rizzo since 2010.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sat 11am – 6pm
T: +39 041 839 1711

Michela Rizzo, Giudecca 800/q, Venice, Italy

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