Ego, 22 Apr 2023 — 25 Feb 2024


Fondation Valmont presents the group exhibition Ego, featuring Carles Valverde, Didier Guillon, Vangelis Kyris and Anatoli Georgiev.

Calle de l’Agnella, 2161/A, 30135 Venice

Imagine Venice, where four artists found themselves immersed in the highest representation of eternal and fragile beauty. Inevitably playing as a source of inspiration, Venice led the artists to conceive their thoughts on the notion of Ego: Ego as the self, the first person singular. Ego as Ich, mediating between the conscious and the unconscious. Ego as the thinking subject. Ego becomes EGO for the artist as hero, the creative hand, the decision maker in terms of Beauty.

What has the role of the artist become in the contemporary world? Is his/her power comparable to an indisputable omnipotence? Is he/she called to present the unicity of the self through infinite repetitions? Is he/she rather called to perturb the viewer by representing the exact opposite of what we call classical Beauty?

Contacts & Details


Mon – Sun 10am – 6pm

T: +39 041 805 0002

Calle de l’Agnella, 2161/A, 30135 Venice
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