Francesco Stefanini: Destinazioni, 11 Jun 2022 — 10 Jul 2022

Francesco Stefanini: Destinazioni

The exhibition "Destinazioni" consists of about thirty works including pastels and paintings of the last ten years, some of large format and other small "fragments" put in sequence as a single story.

In the works of Francesco Stefanini, whether oil or pastels, the narration, the context, the inquiring gaze always maintain a gap, which does not reach the surface of visibility; there is always an otherness that can emerge only in the course of time, slowly and through the imagination of those who, placing themselves in front, question the silence.
Then, and only then, can openings to the possible be identified: undergrowths reached by summer sunbeams; seabeds in perpetual movement; thresholds facing auroral spaces; shutters open at sunset. In every work there appears something that is not there and that changes continuously, offering itself to the inexhaustible pleasure of reading that “more” evoked by the form, by the veiled color and by the presence of the limit.

This “more” exists in its subtracting, in the saying and undoing of Francesco Stefanini‘s research, which shows itself while announcing its elusiveness.

Contacts & Details
Wed – Sun 10.30am – 5.30pm
T: +39 041 5237819

Bevilacqua La Masa – Piazza San Marco, San Marco 71/c, Venice, Italy

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