Futuruins, 19 Dec 2018 — 24 Mar 2019


Museo Fortuny, Campo San Beneto, 3780, San Marco, Venice, Italy

The group exhibition collects more than 250 works from Musei Civici of Venice and the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg around the theme of ruins. These, in fact, can assume multiple meanings: they represent the passage of time but they are also divided between past and future, life and death, Nature and Culture. In Western culture, ruins descend from the past but hold at the same time a potentiality in respect to the future. The pieces on view showcase the different meanings associated with ruins over the centuries: from the architectural and sculptural remains of ancient cultures to contemporary art, they also convey a reflection upon current times, marked by wars and extreme climate changes.

On display works by Anne et Patrick Poirier, Acconci Studio, Olivio Barbieri, Botto & Bruno, Alberto Burri, Sara Campesan, Ludovica Carbotta, Ugo Carmeni, Lawrence Carroll, Giulia Cenci, Giacomo Costa, Roberto Crippa, Lynn Davis, Giorgio de Chirico, Federico de Leonardis, Marco Del Re, Paola De Pietri, Jean Dubuffet, Tomas Ewald, Cleo Fariselli, Kay Fingerle, Maria Friberg, Luigi Ghirri, Gioberto Noro, John Gossage, Thomas Hirschhorn, Anselm Kiefer, among many others. On view also a selection of artworks specially produced for “Futuruins”, such as the ones by Franco Guerzoni, Christian Fogarolli, Giuseppe Amato, Renato Leotta e Renata De Bonis.

Contacts & Details


Mon – Sun 10am – 6pm

T: +39 041 4273 0892
M: fortuny@fmcvenezia.it

Museo Fortuny, Campo San Beneto, 3780, San Marco, Venice, Italy

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