HyperPavilion, 13 May 2017 — 30 Oct 2017


Arsenale Nord, Tese 89-90-91, Arsenale nord

HyperPavilion is a large-scale contemporary art exhibition situated on the northern side of the Arsenale of Venice in three historic warehouses, adding up to 3000m2. HyperPavilion was announced on the 23rd of March in Hong Kong and is produced by Fabulous Inc (Creative Contents Production Company based in Korea http://fab-pictures.com/ ), and curated by Philippe Riss-Schmidt.

The exhibition displays a dynamic selection of artworks that address the consequences of art after the arrival of the digital, as well as investigating new ways to exhibit these outcomes. All artworks are site specific and most of them were created specifically for this project. HyperPavilion focuses on an international roster of artists, whose common objectives question, challenge and respond to furthering digital transition.

HyperPavilion seeks to explore the ways in which the digital and physical worlds have merged to create an entangled hybrid reality that encompasses us globally, and now offers a new aesthetic with new consequences and new organisation. There are large scale projections; a 360° immersive cinema; a hologram theatre; multi-screen installations and hybrid artworks. All of which come together to present a spectacular post-techno-human immersion.

The artists involved are: Aram Bartholl; Vincent Broquaire; Claude Closky; Frederik De Wilde; Labnt2; Lawrence Lek; Claire Malrieux; Théo Massoulier; Julien Prévieux; Paul Souviron; and Theo Triantafyllidis.

Philippe Riss-Schmidt states that: “Right now, we are standing at the edge of a new age where the synthetisation of the past into a ‘perfect’ (neo-)future has begun. Cultural artefacts, images and data are mined like new gold, for machines to extract. We will consume it until it all blurs. Past, present and future will melt into each other. The digital and the internet are neither over nor surpassed, they are not a medium – it is the new era. Post-digital art is everywhere”.

Sungbok Myron Jung, CEO of Fabulous, states that: “The key of HyperPavilion is not a digital but an artistic context expressed via digital technology which provides a new canvas. We will continue to experiment with new ways of presenting exhibitions through the tools of the new era, we are currently living in.”

Practical Information

How to reach Arsenale Nord, Tese 89-90-91
Public Transport: Water Bus Stop Bacini
Private Biennale Shuttle: from inside Arsenale Exhibition Spaces (free with Biennale ticket)

HyperPavilion is open everyday from 10am to 6pm, closed on Mondays.

It will be extraordinarily open on the following Mondays: May 15, August 14, September 4, and October 30

Free entrance

Contacts & Details


Arsenale Nord, Tese 89-90-91, Arsenale nord
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