Lee Kang-So: Becoming, 07 May 2019 — 30 Jun 2019

Lee Kang-So: Becoming

Palazzo Caboto, 1645 via Giuseppe Garibaldi

Gallery Hyundai presents a solo exhibition by Lee Kang-So at Palazzo Caboto. Breaking with conventions of the time, Lee Kang-So was a pioneer whose artistic experimentations were integral to the development of South Korea’s avant-garde performance art scene during the late 60s and 70s.
Lee Kang-So is renowned for his experimental works which encompass a variety of genres including installation, performance, video and photography. In the work ‘Untitled 75031’, first exhibited at the 1975 Paris Biennale, chalk is scattered on the gallery floor and a chicken leaves footprints across the surface, exploring the potential of images. ‘Void’ (1971) invites visitors to walk amongst 12 tall columns made of reeds covered in plaster. Archive photographs showing the artist’s performances from the 1970s are also on display, alongside a selection of abstract gestural paintings, ceramic assemblages from the ‘Becoming’ series, and the video piece ‘Painting 78-1’ (1977). The exhibition embraces the artist’s interpretation of and long held interest in the concepts of the cosmos, the orderly system of nature, and becoming and disappearance. This follows on from his solo show at the gallery in Seoul, Korea, last year.

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Palazzo Caboto, 1645 via Giuseppe Garibaldi
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