Lithic Impressions – From Stone to Ink on Paper, 26 Sep 2018 — 15 Nov 2018

Lithic Impressions – From Stone to Ink on Paper

Lithic Impressions collects pieces called “rubbings” by Lia Wei and Zhang Qiang from the years 2009-2018, by which they capture stone carvings from medieval contexts. The “rubbing” is an ancient Chinese copying technique which consists in monochrome impressions in ink on xuan paper. Since the 7th century, this technique was the only medium to transmit sculptural and calligraphic models and now it offers a refreshing view on the history of Chinese art and its artifacts.

The exhibition is enriched by a three-day rubbing workshop during which participants apply the old-aged technique on fragments from Roman sarcophagi, medieval tombstones and baroque architecture.

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