Maddalena Tesser: Armor, 07 Apr 2021 — 10 Jun 2021

Maddalena Tesser: Armor

A plus A, Calle Malipiero, 3073, Venice, Italy

In Maddalena Tesser’s first personal exhibition Armor the sense of every image goes slightly beyond the limits of each painting. There is an animated and mutual dialogue between the works on show. The visitor can sense a melody, a whistle, a slight prelude, which leads to relate and to challenge expressions and forms, situations and fragments, allusions and memories. Light and flashing and at the same time hard as forged metal, Armor is evoking the ambiguous possibility of penetrating the pictorial material to decipher its character in the presence of the stories that are revealed in each painting. The female figures do not want to exhibit themselves — they inhabit their own body, wear their clothes or dress themselves with nothing. They armor themselves with skin, with flowing hair, with a gesture.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sat  11am – 6pm / or call for appointment
T: +39 041 277 0466

A plus A, Calle Malipiero, 3073, Venice, Italy

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