Mario Arlati: Walls and Rags. Substance Matter Becomes Art, 22 Sep 2018 — 25 Nov 2018

Mario Arlati: Walls and Rags. Substance Matter Becomes Art

Born in Milan in 1947, Mario Arlati lives and works in Ibiza. The prestigious Dedalo Minosse – L’ArcaInternational Award was conferred upon him in 2017; along with Professors Pizzi and Palusi he projected the Academy of Brera Convention of Art and Science in cooperation with the University Biccoca.

Arlati is the proponent of a pictorial expression inspired by an Informaland symbolic Art form. Arlati’s color illustrates the internal stratification of the canvas from which “substance matter that conceals another one” filters through – an aura of sun, wind and sea from the Balearic Islands. It reappears again on his canvases in the Muri (“Walls”) works; in the Incomplete Flags and Trapos series, the viewer while contemplating the work, completes it himself through his own glance and with intuition. Arlati’s works are exhibited in renowned galleries and important art fairs worldwide. They may also be found in prestigious private collections.

Contacts & Details
Wed – Sun 10.30am – 5.30pm
T: +39 041 5237819

Bevilacqua La Masa – Piazza San Marco, San Marco 71/c, Venice, Italy

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