Miriam Austin: Andraste, 09 Mar 2018 — 28 Apr 2018

Miriam Austin: Andraste

Alma Zevi, San Marco 3357
 - Salizzada San Samuele

The title of the exhibition, Andraste, is inspired by the name of the Celtic goddess of war and is emblematic of the artist’s interest in mythological figures, especially women, and magical rituals connected to them. For this exhibition Austin has created a series of new collage on silk and metal sculptures, which recall ancient alphabetic systems and explore the relationships that exist between myth, ecological fragility and the human body. Through these works, which will be arranged in the gallery space in a site-specific installation, Austin offers a new point of view on the duality between natural and unnatural, sacred and profane, placing it in the contemporary context.

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Alma Zevi, San Marco 3357
 - Salizzada San Samuele