Palazzo con Vista – A Palace with a View, 05 May 2015 — 30 Jun 2015

Palazzo con Vista – A Palace with a View

The Pool NYC – Palazzo Cesari Marchesi, Calle Rombiasio, Campo Santa Maria del Giglio

The show is inspired by the traditional rooms to be found in Venetian Palaces and Villas such as the music room, the study, the portrait gallery, the library, the winter garden and the dining room.

Each selected artist present one or more works that will interpret the rooms of the palace with a contemporary language. The aim is to breath new life into an historical place through the different media used by contemporary artists represented by paintings, drawings, prints, video, photographs and hand-carved sculptures. In accordance to the Venetian’s custom, the exhibition itinerary will be accessible from Calle Rombiasio and through a doorway facing the Rio de l’Alboro (aka Rio de le Ostreghe) facing the Teatro della Fenice.

The entrance (androne) will keep its natural function and will be “guarded” by Waiting a large work by Bertozzi & Casoni. On the piano nobile at the first floor the room of the stuccos will have its early function of portrait gallery interpreted in a contemporary stance. The dining room will host a dining table set up with the ceramics by Andrea Salvatori and the engraved prints by Giorgio Morandi representing the typical bottles of this Italian artist. The winter garden will showcase hyper-realistic ceramic works by Bertozzi & Casoni and landscapes by Patrick Jacobs visible through magnifying lens and a diorama built in light-boxes. The ballroom will host Israeli artist Ben Hagari‘s video Potter’s Will, an allegory of the vertiginous quest that is the creative process. Hagari’s video will provoke deep considerations while celebrating the music’s splendors.

The remaining rooms include works by artists Nicola Bolla, James Case-Leal, Eteri Chkadua, Piero Gilardi, Aldo Mondino, Jonathan Rider, Bianca Sforni, Giuseppe Stampone, Fabio Viale and Ludwig Wilding.

Contacts & Details
T: +39 335 62 51 723

The Pool NYC – Palazzo Cesari Marchesi, Calle Rombiasio, Campo Santa Maria del Giglio
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