Proforma Pavilion in Venice, 12 May 2019 — 27 Jun 2019

Proforma Pavilion in Venice

Corte Supernova, Corte Nova 3561, Cannaregio 30121

Proforma Pavilion is an ever-changing exhibition presenting the work of six emerging artists whose work explores increasingly shifting notions of identity in the UK.

The selected artists are Omid Asadi, Lizz Brady, Nicola Dale, Nightshift International (Sarah Boulter & Elliott Flanagan) and John Powell-Jones who create new work in response to weeklong residencies in Venice and the exhibition venue, Corte Supernova. Through a dynamic blend of performance, intervention, film, sound and live art, these new works explore topics from psychological isolation and personal reality; power structures, immigration and conflict; superficial boundaries, mental health and social engagement; to relationships, intimacy, and aspiration.

Curated by Chris Bailkoski, Corte Supernova will become an active research and social space as new ideas are explored and artworks are created. This Venetian residency-as-exhibition-as-event disrupts conventional exhibition practices by becoming a space that embraces the chaotic politics of change and processes of making through daily activity, weekly discussions and transformative events.

Upcoming events:

18 May: Performance 7pm
20 May: Omid Asadi Talk 7pm
25 May: Performance 7pm
27 May: Nicola Dale 7pm
1 June: Performance 7pm
3 June: John Powell-Jones Talk 7pm
8 June: Performance 7pm
10 June: Lizz Brady 7pm
15 June: Performance 7pm
17 June; Nightshift International (Sarah Boulter & Elliott Flanagan)
22 June: Performance 7pm
24 June: Chris Bailkoski Talk 7pm

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Corte Supernova, Corte Nova 3561, Cannaregio 30121
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