Steel Home Steel, 22 Sep 2018 — 31 Oct 2018

Steel Home Steel

Santa Caterina Church, Cannaregio 4924

“Steel Home Still” in Venice exhibits the past and the future of the Shougang industrial area. The exhibition documents a process of renewal and transformation driven by an economy devoted to creativity, leisure, and global competitiveness. Curated by the chief architect of CCTN, Bo Hongtao, and the chief architect of Pills, Wang Zigeng, the exhibition includes design works completed by professionals from different fields, such as architecture, film and stage set decoration, graphic design, literature, documentary, photography, and multimedia art. The organizers of the exhibition are Shougang Group,
Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co. Ltd, CCTN Design, and Beijing
Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

The concept of the exhibition follows the cabinets of curiosities tradition passed down from European Renaissance. Through a series of installations using spatial montage in the Church, the exhibition presents an immersive drama. The curators have reproduced “Dormitory,” “Worker’s Club,” “Drawing Room,” and “Furnace Preparation Room,” and other representative moments of production and living for the exhibition.



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Santa Caterina Church, Cannaregio 4924
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