Vedersi da fuori. Vedersi da dentro, 11 May 2023 — 25 Jun 2023

Vedersi da fuori. Vedersi da dentro

The artists of the Ateliers 2022-2023, the traditional exhibition event that concludes the studio programme, awarded annually to 15 deserving young artists.

The stillness, stagnation or immobility that has characterised much of our past contrasts with an uncertain future, with its blurred and precarious contours, and with a present that we cannot grasp before it finally escapes us. A historical and cultural juncture in which the gaze on the outside world, digitally dilated, contracts towards an intimate sphere that becomes a magnifying glass to perceive or describe the everyday life that surrounds us.

The exhibition presenting the research of the residents of the Foundation Bevilacqua La Masa 2022/2023 is conceived as a sequence of environments, with the intention of rendering a plural narrative of research, formalisations and languages, ranging from painting to installation, from sculpture to drawing and from sound to performance, in response to these issues. United by an attempt to record the elusive, to analyse the relationship with otherness, to scrutinise their own autobiography to the exclusion of self-referentialism, to investigate the hidden and discordant sides of their identity or to establish an order in their surroundings, the fifteen artists present take it upon themselves to outline a point of view.

Artists on show:

Nicola Bindoni, Ornella Cardillo, Shengyi Chao, Damiano Colombi, Ludovico Colombo, Daria Dmytrenko, Guo Qikai, Arianna Marcolin, Cecilia Mentasti, Lorenzo Servetti, Matteo Trentin, Chiara Ventura, Riccardo Vicentini, Keer Weng e Zgjim Zyba

Contacts & Details
Wed – Sun 10.30am – 5.30pm
T: +39 041 5237819

Bevilacqua La Masa – Piazza San Marco, San Marco 71/c, Venice, Italy

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