Beatriz González: Enforced Displacements and Elementary Landscapes, 11 Jun 2017 — 28 Jul 2017

Beatriz González: Enforced Displacements and Elementary Landscapes

Peter Kilchmann, Zahnradstrasse 21

The gallery presents the Latin American artist in a solo show, displaying works that deal with  the socio-political concerns of post-modern Colombia. The violent history, civil wars and armed conflicts, of her country and generation, are a crucial topic and entangled within each of her  paintings, drawings and sculptures.  González picks out the often tragic moments of this troubled era, acting like a contemporary witness. She uses newspaper articles, scandal sheets and advertisement to depart form a reference and develop it into her own perception of the often very tragic moments. Due to the vital and bold colors and technique she uses which relate to her country of origin, her works often appear to be lighter as the situations they actually depict. She presents a  profound knowledge of western art history, often referring to the old masters, decorative folk art, collectibles and religious votive images.  Along with themes of death, drug trade, the military and most recently migration as a national and global subject, the colors become more dramatic, turning to dark green, brown and blue.

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Peter Kilchmann, Zahnradstrasse 21