Elisabeth Wild, 11 Sep 2020 — 24 Oct 2020

Elisabeth Wild

A monographic exhibition dedicated to the Austrian artist

Gallery Karma International, in Zurich, hosts a monographic exhibition dedicated to Elisabeth Wild. The artist is mainly known for her sculptures and, most of all, her collages. The first look like archaic figures, composed of abstract forms and minimal details, inspired by ancient art and mythologies. Each one is named after Gods or heroes, referencing the characters’ stories but also contemporary issues.

The collages also arise from the same vision. They start from images looking especially important to the artist: photos of archaeological places or artefacts, modern-day pieces of art, artworks seen in some exhibition, pictures from magazines. Starting from this material, Wild used to build completely new images with their original meaning.

The exhibition is curated by Adam Szymczyk, with the collaboration of Raúl Itamar Lima and Sophie Thun.

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