Joseph Marioni: 6 Paintings, 10 Jun 2017 — 22 Jul 2017

Joseph Marioni: 6 Paintings

Galerie Mark Müller, Hafnerstrasse 44

A solo show by the Minimalist and Conceptualist American painter. Marioni‘s monochrome paintings are made with rollers and palettes knives to cover the canvas with many layers of paint and create a super saturated surface of pure colour.
Marioni distinguishes «paint» and «coulour». The pigment and the binder constitute the chemical substance of liquid paint whereas colour is subject to the physical phenomenon of light. It is only through the interplay of both dimensions that a paint image emerges. This interaction further continues when the viewer comes into play: He or she can never quite separate the perception of colour from the perception of paint as the traces of the fluid paint appear thinner and thicker on different locations of the linen, evoking different colour shades which are not entirely monochrome.

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W: Joseph Marioni: 6 Paintings

Galerie Mark Müller, Hafnerstrasse 44