Klarh Lewis : Circumstantial Plesures, 30 Nov 2016 — 12 Nov 2016

Klarh Lewis : Circumstantial Plesures

Grieder Contemporary presents, for the first time in Switzerland, the work of the acclaimed American artist – film maker, Lewis Klahr. This exhibition is a collaboration with Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London, and it will feature the world premiere of a major new work, “Circumstantial Pleasures” (2016).

Making films since 1977, Klahr is a master collagist and re-animator; he rescues, collects, collates and adjusts fragmentary images into miniature tableaux which are seized, shot by shot, with a 35mm digital still camera and built painstakingly into complex and evocative sequences operating in time and space.

Circumstantial Pleasures is the title film of a planned feature length trilogy. The film is a departure and vacation from the artist’s signature use of found, mid-century images. In addition to the film, the exhibition will include a striking series of stills for recent films and, for the first time, a group of unique collages that reflect the process of the artist’s film-making but which are stand-alone works that explore the treasure chest of rich associations and chance en-counters that make up Klahr’s very particular but vast archive.

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