Pipiloti Rist: I Couldn’t Agree With You More, —

Pipiloti Rist: I Couldn’t Agree With You More

Pipiloti Rist hosted by Bechtler Sitfung with the artwork "I Couldn’t Agree With You More".

Weiherweg 1, 8610 Uster

Pipilotti Rist uses her sensual and bold video installations to challenge conventions and taboos in an entertaining, ironic, and confident way.

The artwork entitled “I Couldn’t Agree With You More“, which was purchased by Walter A. Bechtler-Stiftung in 2001, shows the artist in a shopping centre and in a flat. As she films her face striding through the world, shots of nude figures, hiding from car headlights, can be seen in a green, hazy forest landscape on her forehead. Rist counters consumerism and the capitalist world of products with the unconscious drives and needs of human beings, alluding to an ideal state in which the world would have been in harmony with nature and free of conventions. The work is, so to speak, a selfie “avant la lettre”, in which the inner film contrasts with the outer reality. The artist also addresses the contradictory development that the closer people live together in urban agglomerations, the more they behave to each other like “shy deer”.


Contacts & Details


Bechtler Stiftung


Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 11am – 5pm

T: +41 44 521 25 20
M: info@bechtlerstiftung.ch

Weiherweg 1, 8610 Uster
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