Zheng Mahler: Mutual Aid, 14 Jul 2016 — 30 Oct 2016

Zheng Mahler: Mutual Aid

Johann Jacobs Museum, Seefeldquai 17

MUTUAL AID is based upon a A Season in Shell, a real time fieldwork report by Zheng Mahler (shown in 2014) of a contemporary trade route, in which two tonnes of shipped abalone shells were rerouted to the Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich from Somaliland en-route to China. Upon discovering that the mother of pearl from the shells was to be used in Swiss watches, Zheng Mahler began examining the strata of historical relations, economic interdependencies and political syncretism that make up the bedrock of the past on which this present flows.
MUTUAL AID will encompass the flow of ideas and objects between Swiss anarchist watchmakers of the Jura Mountains, Chinese porcelain production in Jingdezhen and the movement of the concept of “Mutual Aid” via Chinese anarchists in the early 20th century to foreign policy rhetoric in Sino-Afro trade relations today.

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Johann Jacobs Museum, Seefeldquai 17