Art Basel 2017: Parcours, 15 Jun 2017 — 18 Jun 2017

Art Basel 2017: Parcours

On and Around Münsterplatz, Münsterplatz

Basel-based curator Samuel Leuenberger presents this sector featuring parcours around the city’s historical quarters to discover site-specific sculptures, interventions, and performances by renowned international artists and emerging talents.

Parcours is open to the public and free of charge.

Artist: Sophie Nys
Title: Footnote to a fountain, 2017 | 100 female scientists, 2017
Gallery: Greta Meert
Where: Various fountains within the Parcours area / Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Aula, Augustinergasse 2

Artist: Reza Aramesh
Title: Site of the Fall: Study of the Renaissance Garden, 2016 – 17
Gallery: Leila Heller
Where: 2A Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, St. Alban-Graben 5; 2B Zivilgericht Basel-Stadt, Bäumleingasse 5; 2C Wettsteinbrücke, along Rhine Promenade

Artist: Katinka Bock
Title: Parasite Fountain, 2017
Gallery: Jocelyn Wolff, Meyer
Where: Eurofima, Ritterhof Garden, St. Alban-Graben 11 / Rittergasse 20

Artist: Amanda Ross-Ho
Title: UnTitle:d Findings (ACCESS), 2017
Gallery: Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Where: Various locations

Artist: Erika Verzutti
Title: Centipede, 2017
Gallery: Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel
Where: Sportplatz, Rittergasse 5

Artist: Latifa Echakhch
Title: Screen Shot, 2015
Galleries Eva Presenhuber, kamel mennour, kaufmann repetto, Dvir
Where: Bischofshof, Münstersaal, Rittergasse 1

Artist: Pedro Cabrita Reis
Title: One and Two Other Trees, 2017
Galleries Sprovieri, Kewenig, Magazzino, Mai 36
Where: Corner Rittergasse/Münsterplatz

Artist: Lena Henke
Title: City Lights (Dead Horse Bay), 2016
Galleries Emmanuel Layr, Real Fine Arts, Bortolami
Where: Pfalz and Garden Lesegesellschaft

Artist: Ai Weiwei
Title: Iron Tree, 2016
Gallery: neugerriemschneider
Where: Münsterplatz

Artist: Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg
Title: Who am I to Judge, or, It Must be Something Delicious, 2017
Galleries Giò Marconi, Lisson
Where: Gymnasium am Münsterplatz, Münsterplatz 13

Artist: Miriam Cahn
Galleries Jocelyn Wolff, Meyer Riegger
Where: Museum der Kulturen Basel, Hedi Keller Saal, Münsterplatz 20

Artist: Christodoulos Panayiotou
Title: UnTitled, 2017
Gallery: Rodeo
Where: Museumsbistro Rollerhof, Münsterplatz 20

Artist: Cally Spooner
Title: And As The Medieval Cloisters Connect Seamlessly With The Corridors of Power…I’m quietly confident… (U-turn!), 2013
Galleries ZERO…, gb agency
Where: Stiftung Bartels Fondation, Zum Kleinen Markgräflerhof, Augustinergasse 17

Artist: GCC
Title: Belief in the Power of Believe, 2017
Galleries Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Mitchell-Innes & Nash
Where: Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Augustinergasse 2

Artist: Gianni Colombo
Title: Spazio curvo, 1992
Gallery: Invernizzi
Where: Corner of Martinsgasse/Stapfelberg

Artist: Berlinde De Bruyckere
Title: My Deer, 2011 – 2013
Gallery: Hauser & Wirth
Where: Zum Fälklein, Stapfelberg 2

Artist: Markus Selg
Title: Arcadia, 2017
Gallery: Guido W. Baudach
Where: Martinsgasse 7

Artist: Flaka Haliti
Title: Concerned by the ghost without being bothered, 2017
Galleries Deborah Schamoni
Where: Basler Rathaus, Courtyard

Artist: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
Title: The Green Room & The Science Lab, 2017
Galleries Sadie Coles HQ, Massimo De Carlo
Where: Elfdausigjumpferestube, Rheinsprung 12

Artist: Rirkrit Tiravanija
Title: UnTitle:d, 2007
Gallery: neugerriemschneider
Where: Terrace of Alte Universität, Rheinsprung 9

Artist: Wu Tsang
Title: The secret life of things is open, 2014/2015/2016
Gallery: Isabella Bortolozzi
Where: Club de Bâle, Rheinsprung 5

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On and Around Münsterplatz, Münsterplatz
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