Liste 2016, 14 Jun 2016 — 19 Jun 2016

Liste 2016

Art Fair Basel, Burgweg 15, Burgweg 15

What began as an initiative by young gallerists in 1996, developed into one of the most important fair dedicated exclusively to new galleries and primarily to young art. For 20 years, the fair has been making relevant contributions to the promotion of young artists and galleries. The intentionally low number of 79 galleries and the high level of sophistication of those galleries are reasons for LISTE’s extraordinary success, international reputation and drawing power. For many years now, every young, ambitious gallery has sought to be a part of this most important art event.

Performance Project 2016

Trans-Corporeal Metabolisms – The 12th Performance Project of LISTE Art Fair Basel
Curated by Eva Birkenstock

Trans-Corporeal Metabolisms, the 12th edition of the Performance Project of LISTE Art Fair Basel, focuses on works that consider the body as a porous and permeable interface. Under the influence of current global geopolitical, economical and virtual realities the perception of what is human has changed drastically. The humanist model of a male, white, coherent, rational, self-confined Eurocentric identity is opposed by its nomadic, artificial and postidentitarian counterpart and therewith by one that explores alternative ways of conceptualising the human subject. Far from being impenetrable or from having well-defined boundaries of what is inside and outside, in the presented works the body is rather approached as a metabolic system that both operates actively and reacts to its surroundings. The relation between humans and technology, between humans and nature are as much a point of departure for this young generation of artists as are negotiations around postgender, transcorporeality and the (extra-) terrestrial.

When Jun 13, 7pm
What Keren Cytter: The Last Summer Fest of the European Union, 2016; With Sarah Abu Abdallah, Misanthrope (Robert Kulisek/David Lieske), Dan Bodan, et al.
Where Liste

When Jun 14, 7pm
What Alexandra Bachzetsis; PRIVATE: wear a mask when you talk to me, 2016
Where Kaserne (Rossstall 1)
Admission CHF 15

When Jun 15, 4pm
What Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Agatha Valkyrie Ice: perma-permadeath, 2016
Where Solitude Park

When Jun 16, 7pm
What keyon gaskin; its not a thing
Where Kaserne (Rossstall 1)
Admission CHF 15

When Jun 17, 4pm
What Hayley Silverman
Where Volkshaus Basel (Rebgasse 12-14)

When Jun 18, 4pm
What Alicia Frankovich; World is home planet
Where Volkshaus Basel (Rebgasse 12-14)

Contacts & Details
T: +41 61 692 20 21

Art Fair Basel, Burgweg 15, Burgweg 15
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