Liste 2020: Showtime, 14 Sep 2020 — 20 Sep 2020

Liste 2020: Showtime

The first edition of Liste Showtime launches a hybrid project, divided between physical and digital sphere

On the occasion of Liste Basel 2020, the first edition of Liste Showtime opens to the public: an online platform for 72 international galleries from 35 countries, each one invited to present an artist from their programme who is an outstanding representative of their generation. Each gallery presents its artist through different online formats, while visitors can easily switch from one content to another, drift through the presentations, and discover more about the artists.
Liste Showtime wants to follow in the steps of Liste Basel through presenting new artistic positions each year. This first edition will also include 19 new galleries, which have never participated before in Liste Art Fair Basel.

Inspired by an essay written by science-fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson for The New Yorker magazine, the project “Rewriting Our Imaginations” is part of the programme too. Artists selected by participating galleries were invited to create a poster, addressing the topic of the title on what potential scenarios might look like when something fictional suddenly becomes reality – the posters were designed when the sanitary emergency suddenly became real. Artists were encouraged to experiment through a different mode of production, presentation and distribution. The 72 posters are on display throughout the city of Basel from September 2–15, to be available on Liste Showtime’s online shop from September 14 on.

The VIP preview of the platform will run from September 11 – 13, 2020.


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