Statements, 18 Jun 2015 — 21 Jun 2015


Solo presentations in the Statements sector offer visitors and collectors the opportunity to discover the work of emerging artists and young galleries. This year, eight of the 16 galleries exhibiting within Statements will be new to the show. Statements will include a presentation by Laura Bartlett Gallery (London) of a major new two-part film by British artist Beatrice Gibson. Société (Berlin) will show an installation by the New York-based artist Bunny Rogers, a series of objects relating to the idea of mourning the death of a fictional character, and a homage to Michael Scofield from the TV series ‘Prison Break’. Ellen de Bruijne Projects (Amsterdam) will present a series of sculptures produced mainly in concrete, wood and metal by the Danish artist Kasper Akhøj, which can be seen as a poem to the late Brutalist architect João Batista Vilanova Artigas, founder of the so-called ‘School of São Paulo’. ‘Not Easy Being Green’, an installation specifically conceived for the show by the Los Angeles-based artist Nancy Lupo, presented by Wallspace (New York), will comprise new sculpture and a video that explore green as a colour, a communal site, an ethos and a nutritional supplement. Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler (Berlin) will show painter Avery Singer’s first site-specific installation, ‘Private Setting’, a work inspired by Fritz Glarner’s ‘Rockefeller’s Dining Room’. Grey Noise (Dubai) will present ‘Remote Local’, an installation by Caline Aoun consisting of three works, playing with the parallel languages of printing, sculpture and architecture, and is a physical enactment of the artist’s encounter with the surroundings of her studio in the Lebanese countryside. RaebervonStenglin (Zurich) will show a site-specific project by Raphael Hefti, which will see the Swiss artist produce aluminium sculptures onsite that will be installed and operated throughout the duration of the show, while Bureau (New York) will present a new collection of paintings by Julia Rommel.

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