FBC London Privé Collection, 16 Mar 2015 — 20 Mar 2015

FBC London Privé Collection

The designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell‘s debuts at Design Days Dubai 2015 with her FBC London Privé Collection.
Founded in 2013, the FBC London furniture collection combines both modern and traditional furniture making techniques creating outstanding pieces of the highest quality. Predominantly handcrafted in the North-East of England by some of England’s finest artisans and craftsmen, the collection reflects Fiona’s belief that a home’s interior should “tell a story in relation to the four walls in which it exists and reflect the client’s individuality… a successful interior should enhance not dictate the way you live.”.
The bold lines of the collection are inspired by rugged landscapes, wild coastline and Roman ruins of Northumberland, where Fiona was born. The history, geology and topography of her country helped inspire the collection’s textures, forms and materials.
Like many of the best design ideas, Fiona’s capsule collection was borne out of a need rather than personal desire. Her exacting standards and vision in interiors frequently called for furnishings that she simply could not find in the marketplace. To fill the gap, Fiona started producing bespoke furniture for her clients. Encouraged by her design success, she joined forces with her husband to launch FBC London. An exclusive gallery in Pimlico, London, followed to showcase its exclusive collection of handcrafted furniture imbued with Fiona’s signature style.

FBC London Privé Collection is yet another string to the unstoppable bow of the design house. Launched in September 2014, the collection is limited to small runs of ten or under. The first two pieces under the label are the Armour Chairs with cast bronze bases and striking turquoise green suede upholstery and the glossy oak City Cabinet with copper handles and doors made from hand-applied chipped oak. Up to four new pieces will be added to the Privé collection each year and as ever, designs will be inspired by the nature, history and forms of Fiona’s native Northumberland.

“Many of our London interiors clients are from the Middle East and they have been very enthusiastic about the collection so we’re looking forward to showing it to a wider audience – especially our limited editions.” explains Leila Kaye, FBC London‘s Commercial Director. So she is confident that FBC London will be well-received at Design Days Dubai 2015.

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