March Meeting 2016: Education, Engagement and Participation, 11 Mar 2016 — 15 Mar 2016

March Meeting 2016: Education, Engagement and Participation

Sharjah Art Foundation announces the 9th annual March Meeting that takes place during a week of events from March 11–15 that includes exhibition openings, performances and other discursive programmes.

March Meeting 2016: Education, Engagement and Participation, March 12–13, will consider how institutions, initiatives, curators and artists have increasingly prioritised their relationships with audiences and communities. The two-day convening will bring together local, regional and international practitioners to explore issues, concerns and initiatives surrounding this work in a series of programmed keynotes, case studies and panel discussions, as well as through informal conversations shared over the week of events. Panels will explore topics such as how institutions can become more open and representational through programming and policies that recognise the diversity of audiences and communities or the essential role of biennials particularly in areas where there is little existent art infrastructure or support for discourse and the production of art. Also examined will be expanded notions of curatorial practice including discursive, collaborative and open-ended models of exhibition and event production and how libraries and archives offer communities a way to reclaim their histories, while performative and live programming gives agency to individuals and collective audiences. Traditional and alternative models of art school will be considered in the context of regional priorities and urgencies. Finally, a group of artists will talk about their community-based work.

Speakers will include: Ahmed El Attar, Artistic Director, See Foundation and D-CAF Festival (Egypt); Zoe Butt, Executive Director and Curator, Sàn-Art (Vietnam); Susanna Chung, Head of Learning and Participation, Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong); Anna Cutler, Director of Learning, Tate (UK); Reem Fadda, Curator, Marrakech Biennale 6 (Morocco) and Associate Curator, Middle Eastern Art, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum (UAE); Sandi Hilal, Founding Member and Co-Director, Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency (Palestine); Eungie Joo, Artistic Director, Anyang Public Art Project 2016 (Korea) and Curator, Sharjah Biennial 12 (UAE); Riyas Komu, Director of Programmes, Kochi Biennale Foundation (India); Rick Lowe, Artist and Founding Director, Project Row Houses (USA); Patrick Mudekereza, Director, Waza, Centre d’art de Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo); Prateek Raja, Co-Founder, Experimenter Curator’s Hub (India); Farid Rakun, Researcher and Education Coordinator, Ruangrupa (Indonesia); Tina Sherwell, Director, International Academy of Art (Palestine); Alia Swastika, Director, Biennale Jogja 13 and Programme Director, Ark Galerie (Indonesia); Sally Tallant, Director, Liverpool Biennial (UK); Claire Tancons, Curator, Printemps de Septembre Biennial 2016 (France) and Artistic Director, Opening Ceremony, Faena Forum Miami Beach 2016 (USA); Christine Tohmé, Founding Director, Ashkal Alwan (Lebanon) and Curator, Sharjah Biennial 13 (UAE); and William Wells, Co-Founder and Director, Townhouse (Egypt).

All events are free and open to the public. Register for March Meeting 2016 to receive additional information and details about the programme at

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