Marker, 18 Mar 2015 — 21 Mar 2015


In 2015, Marker turns its focus to Latin America, and the connections between this region and the Arab world–from hundreds of years of migration to today’s trading relationships, via a shared sensibility and approach to art practices.

Curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, Marker will take–for the first time–a multidisciplinary approach, dwelling on its broad theme through honed, specific lines of enquiry. The programme, located within the Art Dubai Contemporary gallery halls, will include artists’ books, sound projects, performance and film, as well as drawing, painting and installation. Freitas is working with a number of commercial and non-commercial organisations across the region to develop this dynamic programme.

Marker 2015 will be the first such showcase of works by Latin American artists in the Gulf region, and is designed to spark exchange between the arts scenes of the Middle East and those of Central and South America.

This section is set to draw in curators, collectors and critics from Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Middle East interested in connecting with upcoming and established artists from across Latin America.

“Representing the huge breadth of artistic talent in Latin America has been a great challenge,” says Luiza Teixeira de Freitas. “The selection of artists from across the region and across many creative disciplines provides a very unique insight into this thriving and exciting scene.”

In 2015, Marker expands and takes an unprecedented multidisciplinary approach and the programme includes:

– a collection of artists’ publications co-presented by Tijuana (Brazil) and The State (UAE) that draws connections between Latin America and the Arab world,

– performance art, with renowned Colombian artist Maria Jose Arjona presenting long durational performances that explore the concept of time,

– a sound art programme by artists from across Latin America, selected by Marina Buendia (Brazil) and Maria Quiroga (Colombia); works are presented via specially designed sound chairs,

– film programmes: Videobrasil, the São Paulo-based association that fosters and produces art and film across the geopolitical South, takes over the Art Dubai Cinema with a specially curated selection of films from their archive.

Marker includes a group exhibition—a thematic, salon-style presentation of painting, drawing and sculpture by more than 15 Latin American artists, curated by Teixeira de Freitas. Artists, galleries and institutions from across Latin America have been invited to participate and are loaning work for this dynamic group show.

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