Art Basel Hong Kong 2018: Insights, 28 Mar 2018 — 31 Mar 2018

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018: Insights

Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road Wan Chai

Insights will feature presentations by one or two artists with exceptional historical materials and strong thematic exhibitions by 28 galleries. This unique sector illustrates Asian art history by presenting works of important artists from Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Highlights in this sector include a historically significant exhibition by Asia Art Center featuring works by pioneers of Taiwanese Modern art under the Cold War era, Chu Weibor (b. 1929) and Fong Chung Ray (b. 1934). Entitled ‘Shattered Jade’, Bank will showcase a project by Chinese artist Xu Bing (b. 1955) that comprises pocketsize wood engravings made during the transition from the Cultural Revolution to the subsequent reforms. Gow Langsford Gallery will present a selection of significant post-war artworks by New Zealander Colin McCahon (b. 1919, d. 1987), who dedicated his lifelong artistic practice to exploring the concerns between land and spirituality, life and death, as well as the politics between the Maori natives and the Pakeha immigrants from the 1970s. Representing prints of a different genre, Japanese artist Yurie Nagashima (b. 1973) will exhibit vintage photographs of her family members posing nude as an inquiry into her identity as a woman at Maho Kubota Gallery.
At Sakshi Gallery, ‘City – Fifth Investigation’ is a project by Indian artist Vivek Vilasini (b. 1964) comprising 31 translucent rice paper sheets that were exposed to dust and atmospheric pollution in New Delhi, addressing climate change and the pollution our generation has caused. A site-specific installation entitled ‘SKIN’ by Korean artist Anna Han (b. 1982) includes a series of paintings and installations that explore the notion of time and space at Gallery Baton. A solo exhibition of Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung (b. 1981) by Galerie du Monde will exhibit two site-specific installations and a large cyano-collage painting specially created for the show. Zilberman Gallery will present Pakistani artist Aisha Khalid’s (b. 1972) intricate Islamic geometric motifs that investigate themes of gender and domesticity in Pakistan.

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Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road Wan Chai
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