Art Central Hong Kong 2016:
Screen X Experimenta, 22 Mar 2016 — 26 Mar 2016

Art Central Hong Kong 2016:
Screen X Experimenta

Central Harbourfront Event Space, 9 Lung Wo Road

Screen X Experimenta is a curated platform for experimental and narrative, motion picture filmmakers. Curated by Gina Wong, founder and director of Experimenta Hong Kong, the program will comprise a collection of short films to be shown for an hour each day of the fair.

Experimenta is founded on the ideologies of experimentation, creative process, and open dialogue across a variety of art forms and styles. Their most fundamental conviction is that artistic experimentation has the potential to transform and enlighten individuals and communities. Founded by Gina Wong See-Yuen, Experimenta produces multimedia art productions and showcase experimental and underground films. Gina is a filmmaker, curator and producer. Her recent films include “The Lives of Hamilton Fish” (86m / USA / 2013) and “La Salamanda” (95m / Chile – HK / 2016). She lives and work in Hong Kong and London.


Three distinct programs have been created for the inaugural Art Central film program, showcasing recent productions by filmmakers from across the world, including Bahrain, France, Iceland, Spain, Japan, Algeria, Australia and Hong Kong.

X Word Drama presents films that are way outside the commercial mainstream and connect the audience with the unique worlds and realities of the filmmakers. The first film, “Songs” (Bahrain) allows the audience, in a mere 3 minutes, a peek into the heart of an Arabic woman and a life that cannot be tolerated but by a delusion, and a past life that cannot be evoked without a trick. X Word Drama consists of 7 films and runs for 60 minutes.

X Poetry provides the Art Central audience with a visual feast that takes them from Hong Kong, to Russia and to India. The slow, hauntingly beautiful sounds take one’s breath away in the midst of the hype and energy of the Hong Kong Art Week experience. Both films are directed by minority women filmmakers, and demonstrate an important mission of Experimenta to show filmmakers not necessarily provided with the platform or tools in the commercial art world.

X Stage shows two genre-crossing films; the first is a reinterpretation of western theatre and the second is a reconstructed Japanese Kabuki play. Intense and gorgeously filmed in the USA and an 18th Century traditional Japanese stage respectively, these are two mesmerizing films with beautiful imagery.

Contacts & Details

T: +852 2174 0322

Central Harbourfront Event Space, 9 Lung Wo Road
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