ZsONA MACO Sur, 03 Feb 2016 — 07 Feb 2016


Centro banamex, Av. Conscripto #311 Col. Lomas De Sotelo

For the second consecutive year, João Mourão (Alegrete, Portugal, 1975) and Luis Silva (Lisbon, Portugal, 1978) curate ZsONA MACO Sur. With a selection of 21 projects, Case study #2: Rythm is a Dancer continues the theoretical framework proposed in 2015 edition: Case Study #1 – Laplace’s Demon, which allowed attendees to know the past in order to predict what will occur in the future art scene .

List of participating exhibitors 2016:

Gallery: Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm
Artist: Xavier Veilhan

Gallery: Arredondo Arozarena, Mexico City
Artist: Rodolfo Díaz Cervantez

Gallery: Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago
Artist: Danielle Tegeder

Gallery: Cult | Aimee Friberg Exhibitions, San Francisco
Artist: Rhonda Holberton

Gallery: Marc Foxx, Los Angeles
Artist: Alessandro Pessoli

Gallery: Galería De Arte Mexicano Gam, Mexico City
Artist: Miguel Monroy

Gallery: Karen Huber, Mexico City
Artist: Manuel Solano

Gallery: Kurimanzutto, Mexico City
Artist: Carlos Amorales

Gallery: Ltd, Los Angeles
Artist: Debora Delmar Corp

Gallery: Luce Gallery, Torino
Artist: Davide Balliano

Gallery: Max Estrella, Madrid
Artist: Eugenio Ampudia

Gallery: Emma Molina, Monterrey
Artist: Miguel Fernández De Castro

Gallery: Murias Centeno, Lisbon
Artist: Dan Rees

Gallery: Wendi Norris, San Francisco
Artist: Helen Rebekah Garber

Gallery: Nosco, London
Artist: Javier M. Rodriguez

Gallery: Eduardo Secci, Florence
Artist: Esther Stocker

Gallery: Sies & Höke, Düsseldorf
Artist: Federico Herrero

Gallery: Steve Turner, Los Angeles
Artist: Joaquín Boz

Gallery: Taka Ishii, Tokyo
Artist: Mario García Torres

Gallery: Vermelho, Sao Paulo
Artist: Tania Candiani

Gallery: Y Gallery, New York
Artist: Bjorn Melhus

Contacts & Details
T: + 52 (55) 5280 6073
M: info@zonamaco.com

Centro banamex, Av. Conscripto #311 Col. Lomas De Sotelo
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