Pinta Miami, 04 Dec 2014 — 07 Dec 2014

Pinta Miami

3401 NE, 1st Avenue

Pinta Art Show annually exhibits modern and contemporary artworks from Latin American artists in international settings. Based in New York City, the art fair also travels to London, allowing visitors, galleries, artists, collectors, curators, and cultural institutions to strengthen their existing knowledge and develop new connections with the Latin American art world. Pinta features works by both emergent and established visual artists. Art pieces range in diversity from concrete, neo-concrete, and kinetic to conceptual and abstract.

Throughout seven editions in the Big Apple, Pinta New York has secured its position as the first global platform dedicated to modern, and contemporary Iberian American art in the United States.

In December, Pinta will arrive in Miami, the city where it was conceived and where its director and co-founder, the Argentinian Cultural leader Diego Costa Peuser, who directs Photo Buenos Aires, resides. For the eighth edition, the event has been identified as Pinta Miami, but at the same time, the fair is getting ready for the newest Pinta NY Solo Projects, which will open in New York in the spring.

From the 2nd to 7th of December 2014, when Miami becomes a dynamo of art, Pintawill add to the phenomenon. And it is during Art Basel Miami Beach that Pinta, with its 60 major international galleries, establishes new mechanisms for knowledge, information and acquisition, not only to enhance public and private collections in Miami, but also to expand the world’s perception of Latin American and Iberian art.

Curator Osbel Suárez says he will highlight the Latin American geometric movement, but from an angle rarely discussed by art historians who have favored the art production of countries bordering the Atlantic like Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela. His proposal will focus on abstract geometry in countries bordering the Pacific, such as Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.

The list of Hispanic and Lusitanian artists who will have greater visibility is very extensive, but among them stands out a pioneer of abstraction in Argentina who remained almost unknown for decades: Lily Prati, who was the wife of the famous painter, designer and philosopher Thomas Maldonado. It will also include Jorge Eduardo Eielson, one of the great voices of contemporary Peruvian poetry and an artist who recreates the ancient Inca record keeping system known as quipu or talking knots. Eielson has become the representative of a form of conceptualism in the continent that disrupts the timeline.

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3401 NE, 1st Avenue
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