Positions, 03 Dec 2015 — 06 Dec 2015


Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive

This sector allows curators, critics, and collectors to discover ambitious new talents from across the globe, by providing a platform for a single artist to present one major project.

Gallery: Marcelle Alix
Artists: Pauline Boudry, Renate Lorenz

Gallery: Arredondo Arozarena
Artist: Fritzia Irizar

Gallery: Thomas Duncan Gallery
Artist: Sean Paul

Gallery: François Ghebaly Gallery
Artist: Dan Bayles

Gallery: hunt kastner
Artist: Jaromír Novotný

Gallery: Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler
Artist: Daniel Keller

Gallery: Mathew Gallery
Artist: Villa Design Group

Gallery: Galerie Max Mayer
Artists: Henning Fehr, Philipp Rühr

Gallery: One and J. Gallery
Artist: Jiieh G Hur

Gallery: Project Native Informant
Artist: GCC

Gallery: RaebervonStenglin
Artist: Thomas Wachholz

Gallery: Real Fine Arts
Artist: Andrei Koschmieder

Gallery: SIM Galeria
Artist: Romy Pocztaruk Galerie

Gallery: Gregor Staiger
Artist: Vittorio Brodmann

Gallery: Simone Subal Gallery
Artist: B. Ingrid Olson

Gallery: White Space Beijing
Artist: He Xiangyu

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Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive