Untitled, 03 Dec 2014 — 07 Dec 2014


Untitled. Pavilion, Ocean Drive and 12th Street

“We have positioned Untitled over the past two editions as a curated fair with emphasis on integrating international galleries, non-profit art spaces and artist projects,” said Founder Jeff Lawson.

With an expanded range for the 2014 edition, Untitled is proud to welcome a growing list of high-caliber exhibitors from across the country and globe. Over 200 artists represented in galleries and non-profit art spaces from 16 U.S. cities and 18 countries are on the 2014 roster. Carefully selected by Untitled‘s 2014 curatorial team, led by Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud with curators Christophe Boutin and Melanie Scarciglia, the list of exhibitors will present the works of emerging and established contemporary artists.

In addition to its roster of international exhibitors, Untitled will present a series of special projects, conversations, performances and events. Untitled continues its mission in 2014 to innovate the traditional art fair model by placing emphasis on the quality of the viewer’s experience with a distinguished program and the contextualization of artworks exhibited within a carefully-designed temporary pavilion on the beach.

For its third edition, Untitled has partnered with Curiator, an online platform that allows users to discover, collect and share art. Untitled‘s VIP guests will be granted exclusive access two weeks before the fair opens to research and discover works that are exhibited at the fair, build their own digital art collection and print their favorite works from the fair in advance of its opening. Visitors to the fair will have this unique opportunity throughout the run of the fair.

The special projects are part of Untitled‘s mission to continue innovating the art fair experience. With a carefully curated program integrating international galleries and non-profit art spaces presented in a temporary pavilion on the beach, Untitledprovides a compelling context for the works on view and a unique visitor experience. Led by Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud with curators Christophe Boutin and Melanie Scarciglia, the fair will feature over 200 emerging and established contemporary artists represented in galleries and non-profit art spaces from 16 U.S. cities and 18 countries. The planned programming will also include conversations and performances that will take place throughout the run of the fair.

Special Projects:

Beyond the Supersquare | The Bronx Museum of the Arts will feature a selection of works by two artists included in the current Beyond the Supersquare exhibition: a prominent installation by André Komatsu that uses the gallery space and installation props as the artwork itself – and early urban architecture photographs by Mauro Restiffe. In addition, The Bronx Museum of the Arts will present its Artist Edition program at Untitled, with limited edition poster by José Toirac and Meira Marrero to support the acquisition funds to grow the Museum’s permanent collection.

cr_O_ma | Formatocomodo will present a piece by Spanish artist Guillermo Moraentitled cr_O_ma. The piece, a circle with a perimeter of 300 meters, reflects the chromatic spectrum and rethinks and questions the process of painting.

Publicar V | A special project by Paul Ramírez Jonas entitled Publicar V (2010) will address the voices that occupy public space and will be featured by Koenig & Clinton. “There are two voices that inscribe public space. One is ours and it is ephemeral, improvised, and temporal. The other one is the state’s and it tries to be permanent and monumental. Their voice is of stone and bronze. Our voice is cork: capable of accommodating us all – even if for a short time. All we need is a scrap of paper, a pen, and a thumbtack to publish our voice” says Paul Ramírez Jonas.

El Gordon Demolition | Presented by Susan Inglett Gallery, Pablo Gómez Uribe‘s work is linked to the social and political conflicts that materialize directly or indirectly in urban settings. With his ongoing project El Gordon Demolition, Gómez Uribe constructs a bridge of association between urban spaces of America and his native country of Colombia through a fabricated demolition company.
Reality Crumbles Representation deals directly with issues of space and the ethics of preservation and architecture. Here the viewer is implicated in creation, destruction, and the production of future artifacts.

Solar Helix | Upfor Gallery will present Solar Helix, a performance and installation byMSHR (Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy), an interactive system in which two visitors control sound and light within a mysterious, ritualistic physical setting. Participants patch themselves into an electronic circuit by removing their shoes, standing on metal contact platforms and touching each other’s skin. In doing so, their bodies become musical interfaces, mutually guiding the sound by allowing the current to flow between each other.

Incision | Y Gallery will feature Maurizio Ianês’ Incision. As Kasimir Malévitch affirms in his study of colors, red is the color of social and economic struggle and revolutions, and red flags have been traditionally associated with leftist, communist movements, indicating political and social attitudes that take in consideration social class struggle. Incision is a flag that presents itself as a bleeding (incision) in space, remembering the history of social struggles that have commonly been pervaded by violence towards the weakest parts, as well as bringing a critical political view to the center of the art system.

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Untitled. Pavilion, Ocean Drive and 12th Street
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