Manifesta 12: City on Stage, 14 Jun 2018 — 04 Nov 2018

Manifesta 12: City on Stage

The City on Stage Tour” is focused on Manifesta 12 works in direct dialogue with the city of Palermo, its communities, traditions, and public spaces. This dialogue is embodied and multiplied in various projects which reinforce community engagement through collaborations and public interventions in the city’s periphery, honour the long tradition of storytelling – or cantastorie – through a series of new narrative productions; recognise the Santa Rosalia procession as an expression of contemporary syncretism, dialogue, and celebration; and mobilise its rich cinematographic legacy to present untold stories about the city.

Artists Giorgio Vasta, Wu Ming, Invernomuto, Chimurenga
Location Teatro Garibaldi

Artist Jordi Colomer
Location Fondazione “Casa Lavoro e Preghiera” di Padre Messina, Via Foro Umberto I, 29

Artist Matilde Cassani
Location Quattro Canti, Via Vittorio Emanuele

Artist Marinella Senatore
Location Chiesa Ss Euno e Giuliano, Piazza Sant’Euno

Artists Gilles Cl.ment & Coloco, Rotor, Roberto Collov., Masbedo, Jelili Atiku, Matilde Cassani
Location Palazzo Costantino, Via Maqueda, 215

Artists Nora Turato
Location Oratorio San Lorenzo, Via Immacolatella, 1

Artist Yuri Ancarani
Location Oratorio della Madonna del Rifugio dei Peccatori Pentiti, Via Maqueda, 74

Artists Gilles Clement & Coloco
Location ZEN

Artist Roberto Collov.
Location Costa Sud

Artist Rotor
Location Pizzo Sella
Location Arena La Sirenetta (public programme), Viale Delle Sirene, Mondello

Other venues to be released in June.

Only during preview days:

Artist Masbedo “Protocollo nr.  90/6”
Location Archivio di Stato (sede distaccata), 1 Corte Gancia

Contacts & Details
T: +39 091 6230804
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