Paris Internationale 2022, 19 Oct 2022 — 23 Oct 2022

Paris Internationale 2022

Paris Internationale announces its eight edition.

35 boulevard des Capucines, 75002

Paris Internationale 2022 will host 59 galleries from 26 countries and is honored to welcome back many longstanding collaborators including BQ (Berlin), Bureau (New York), Chapter NY (New York), Derosia (New York), FELIX GAUDLITZ (Vienna), greengrassi (London), Kayokoyuki (Tokyo), Kendall Koppe (Glasgow), KOW (Berlin), Max Mayer (Dusseldorf), Project Native Informant (London), ROH Projects (Jakarta), Temnikova & Kasela (Tallinn) or Stereo (Warsaw) along the three founding galleries Ciaccia Levi (Paris/Milan), Crèvecoeur (Paris) and Gregor Staiger (Zurich/Milan), with 16 new exhibitors.

Participants at the fair are selected both for their work in local and international contexts as well as the specific projects that they will bring to Paris. Aside from these leading galleries and their artists that together drive the discourse in contemporary art, Paris Internationale also regularly hosts non-profit spaces, which aren’t charged a participation fee to make their contributions to contemporary art available to an international audience.

The fair will take place in a historical but completely gutted venue: the former studio of pioneer French photographer Nadar and home of the hugely important first Impressionist Exhibition in 1874.

Paris Internationale’s public programs, accessible to all and free of charge, take place throughout the fair. Aiming to facilitate exchanges and conversations about art between members of the international art worlds, these events maintain an informal and unconventional dimension. For the second consecutive year, the conversation program are conceived and moderated by Anissa Touati.

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Paris Internationale


Tuesday 18 Oct. (Private tour) 11am—8pm
Wed 19 Oct – Thu 20 Oct 12pm—7pm
Fri 21 Oct – Sat 22 Oct 12pm—8pm
Sun 23 Oct 12pm—6pm

35 boulevard des Capucines, 75002
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