West Bund Art and Design, 09 Nov 2016 — 13 Nov 2016

West Bund Art and Design

West Bund Art Center, 2555 Longteng Avenue

West Bund Art and Design is the first cultural event in China that merges contemporary art with design. By bringing the world’s top art and design galleries together with luxury brands, the fair aims to build a world-class artistic community in Asia where collectors of art and design, potential clients, and art lovers can indulge in a refined atmosphere that will nurture the booming Chinese art market.

The West Bund Art and Design Fair is located at the center of Shanghai West Bund Cultural Zone, which spans 8.4 kilometers. This area, fundamental in Shanghai’s ten-decade industrial civilization, was once home to the Nanpu Railway Station, Beipiao Port, the Longhua Airport and other industrial headquarters. Today this area has been reborn as the West Bank Culture Zone and Media Center and will be the city’s central axis for industry, culture, and urban ecology.

The West Bund Art and Design Fair is housed in a large-scale, old-fashioned industrial factory that spans a whopping 8000 square meters with 13 meter ceilings. It is the ideal space for galleries to present museum-standard exhibitions.

The fair will invite internationally acclaimed museum directors, curators, designers, and collectors to ensure the professional quality of the fair. Two main sections of the fair will profile the best in global contemporary art and in contemporary design. These sections will be complemented by a series of forums on issues engaging the industry and audience that are run by senior professionals in each respective field.

With the support of the local government, network resources, and corporate sponsorship, the fair is delighted to offer visiting guests the platform for high-end social networking by means of a VIP preview, VIP exclusive cocktail party and dinner, VIP custom-made tours, etc.

Contacts & Details
M: Info@westbundshanghai.com

West Bund Art Center, 2555 Longteng Avenue
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