15th International Architecture Exhibition. Reporting from the Front, 28 May 2016 — 27 Nov 2016

15th International Architecture Exhibition. Reporting from the Front

In his trip to South America Bruce Chatwin encountered an old lady walking the desert carrying an aluminum ladder on her shoulder. It was German archeologist Maria Reiche studying the Nazca lines. Standing on the ground, the stones did not make any sense; they were just random gravel. But from the height of the stair those stones became a bird, a jaguar, a tree or a flower.

The Biennale Architettura 2016 offers a new point of view like the one Maria Reiche has on the ladder. Given the complexity and variety of challenges that architecture has to respond to, Reporting from the Front is about listening to those that were able to gain some perspective and consequently are in the position to share some knowledge and experiences with those of us standing on the ground.

The advancement of architecture is not a goal in itself but a way to improve people’s quality of life. Given life ranges from very basic physical needs to the most intangible dimensions of the human condition, consequently, improving the quality of the built environment is an endeavor that has to tackle many fronts: from guaranteeing very concrete, down-to-earth living standards to interpreting and fulfilling human desires, from respecting the single individual to taking care of the common good, from efficiently hosting daily activities to expanding the frontiers of civilization.

The curatorial proposal is twofold: on the one hand it widens the range of issues to which architecture is expected to respond, adding explicitly to the cultural and artistic dimensions that already belong to the biennale’s scope, those that are on the social, political, economical and environmental end of the spectrum. On the other hand, it highlights the fact that architecture is called to respond to more than one dimension at the time, integrating a variety of fields instead of choosing one or another.

Reporting from the Front is about sharing with a broader audience, the work of people that are scrutinizing the horizon looking for new fields of action, facing issues like segregation, inequalities, peripheries, access to sanitation, natural disasters, housing shortage, migration, informality, crime, traffic, waste, pollution and participation of communities. And simultaneously is about presenting examples where different dimensions are synthesized, integrating the pragmatic with the existential, pertinence and boldness, creativity and common sense.

Preview Agenda
May 26 – 27, preview days
May 28, award ceremony and inauguration

How to Get to the Venues
Giardini della Biennale: Vaporetto lines 1, 2, 5.1, 5.2 to Giardini stop
Arsenal: Vaporetto lines 1, 4.1, 4.2 to Arsenale stop
Arsenal nord: Vaporetto lines 4.1, 5.1 to Celestia or Bacini stop

Other Venues in town: the countries without a pavilion at Giardini or Arsenale and the Official Collateral Events exhibit in other venues in town. Public transport stops can be found in each article.

Opening Times Giardini and Arsenale
Tue – Sun, 10am – 6pm; Arsenale is also open 10am – 8pm on Fri and Sat until Sep 24, 2016; open exceptionally on Mon May 30, Sep 5, Oct 31, Nov 21, 2016
Other Venues in Venice
National Participations and Official Collateral Events might have different opening hours. Opening and closing times are specified in each article.

Ticket Office
Giardini 10am – 5:30pm
Arsenal (Campo della Tana) 10am – 5:30pm (until Sep 24, 2016, ticket office is open until 7:30pm)

Special tickets (purchase is only possible with a valid ID)
Full Special 48h € 30 (pass valid for two consecutive days entry to both venues)
Reduced Special 48h under 26 € 22 (pass valid for two consecutive days entry to both venues)
Permanent pass € 80 (pass valid until 27th November)
Permanent pass students and Under 26 yrs. € 45 (pass valid until 27 th November)
Permanent Pass weekly € 40 (valid for 7 consecutive days)

Regular tickets
Full Regular € 25 (valid for one entry to each venue, Giardini + Arsenale, to be used also on non-consecutive days)
Reduced € 22 (with affiliated cards)
Reduced € 20 (over 65 yrs., military officers, Venice residents, ticket holders of the 10th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, of the 44th International Theatre Festival, of the 60th International Festival of Contemporary Music, or subscription holders of the 73rd Venice International Film Festival)
Students/ Under 26 yrs. € 15 (with current student ID or current ID card)
Formula 2+1 € 42 (2 adults + 1 under 16 yrs) + € 14 for every possible further visitor under 16 yrs old
Adult groups € 16 (min. 10 people, booking required)

Guided tours, theoretical and practical thematic-educational itineraries, laboratories and creative workshops
Available in Italian and foreign languages
Booking required, average duration 1h 45’, 2 h.
The service is fee-paying, entry ticket not included

1 venue € 90 – 2 venues € 150
1 venue € 70 – 2 venues € 120
High schools
1 venue € 60 – 2 venues € 100
Elementary and Junior High schools
1 venue € 60
Nursery schools
1 venue € 50

Creative workshops for families
Workshop – fee per child 1 venue € 5


• 51N4E (Bruxelles, Belgio) | Freek Persyn; Johan Anrys
• ADNBA (Bucarest, Romania) |Andrei Serbescu; Adrian-Ioan Untaru; Bogdan Bradateanu
• Aires Mateus (Lisbona, Portogallo) | Francisco Aires Mateus; Manuel Aires Mateus
• Al Borde (Quito, Ecuador) | David Barragán; Pascual Gangotena; Marialuisa Borja; Esteban Benavides
• Alexander Brodsky (Mosca, Russia)
• Alonso de Santos Estudio (Madrid, Spagna) | Francisco Alonso de Santos
• Amateur Architecture Studio (Hangzhou, Cina) | Wang Shu; Lu Wenyu
• Anupama Kundoo Architects (Auroville, India) | Anupama Kundoo
• Architecture and Vision (Bomarzo – Viterbo, Italia) |Arturo Vittori
• Arno Brandlhuber + Christopher Roth (Berlino, Germania) | Arno Brandlhuber; Christopher Roth
• Assemble (Londra, Gran Bretagna)
• Atelier Bow-Wow (Tokyo, Giappone) | Yoshiharu Tsukamoto; Momoyo Kaijima; Yoichi Tamai
• Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner (Haldenstein, Svizzera) | Peter Zumthor
• Barozzi / Veiga (Barcellona, Spagna) | Alberto Veiga; Fabrizio Barozzi
• Batlle i Roig Arquitectes (Barcellona, Spagna) | Enric Batlle; Joan Roig
• BeL Sozietät für Architektur (Colonia, Germania) | Anne-Julchen Bernhardt; Jörg Leeser
• Bernaskoni (Mosca, Russia) | Boris Bernaskoni
• Block Research Group, ETH Zurich (Zurigo, Svizzera) | Philippe Block; Tom Van Mele with Ochsendorf, DeJong & Block (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) | John Ochsendorf; Matthew DeJong; Philippe Block with The Escobedo Group (Buda, Texas, USA) | David Escobedo
• C+S Architects (Treviso, Italia) | Carlo Cappai; Maria Alessandra Segantini
• Cadaval & Solà-Morales (Barcellona, Spagna) | Eduardo Cadaval; Clara Solà-Morales
• Cecilia Puga (Santiago, Cile)
• Christ & Gantenbein (Basilea, Svizzera) | Emanuel Christ; Christoph Gantenbein with Stefano Graziani
• Christian Kerez, in collaboration with Hugo Mesquita (Zurigo, Svizzera) | Christian Kerez
• David Chipperfield Architects (Berlino, Germania) | David Chipperfield
• designworkshop: sa (Durban, Sudafrica) | Andrew Makin
• El equipo Mazzanti – Giancarlo Mazzanti, Carlos Medellín, María Mazzanti (Bogotá, Colombia) | Giancarlo Mazzanti
• elton_léniz (Santiago, Cile) | Mauricio Léniz; Mirene Elton
• Ensamble Studio (Madrid, Spagna) | Antón García-Abril; Débora Mesa Molina
• EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung (Amburgo, Germania) | Michael Braungart
• Estudi d’Arquitectura Toni Gironès (Barcellona, Spagna) | Toni Gironès
• Estudio del Paisaje Teresa Moller & Asociados (Santiago, Cile) | Teresa Moller
• Film First (New York, USA) | Gary Hustwit
• Forensic Architecture (Londra, Gran Bretagna) |Eyal Weizman
• Gabinete de Arquitectura (Asuncion, Paraguay) | Solano Benítez; Gloria Cabral; Solanito Benítez
• Grafton Architects (Dublino, Irlanda) | Yvonne Farrell; Shelley McNamara
• Grupo EPM – Departamento de intervenciones urbanas sostenibles (Medellín, Colombia) | Horacio Valencia
• GrupoTalca (Talca, Cile) | Martín del Solar; Rodrigo Sheward
• Herzog & de Meuron (Basilea, Svizzera) | Jacques Herzog; Pierre de Meuron with Agav Films (Parigi, Francia) | Amos Gitai
• Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects (Helsinki, Finlandia) | Saija Hollmén; Jenni Reuter; Helena Sandman
• Hugon Kowalski + Marcin Szczelina (Poznan, Polonia) | Hugon Kowalski; Marcin Szczelina; Klaudia Dopierala; Maria Dondajewska
• Inês Lobo, Arquitectos (Lisbona, Portogallo) | Inês Lobo
• Jiakun Architects (Chengdu, Cina) | Liu Jiakun
• João Luís Carrilho da Graça (Lisbona, Portogallo)
• José María Sánchez García (Madrid, Spagna)
• Kashef Chowdhury / Urbana (Dhaka, Bangladesh) | Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury
• Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA (Tokyo, Giappone) | Kazuyo Sejima; Ryue Nishizawa
• Kengo Kuma and Associates (Tokio, Giappone) | Kengo Kuma
• Kéré Architecture (Berlino, Germania) | Francis Kéré
• LAN (Parigi, Francia) | Umberto Napolitano; Benoît Jallon
• Luyanda Mpahlwa DesignSpaceAfrica (Sudafrica) | Luyanda Mpahlwa
• M. Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo (Vittoria – Ragusa, Italia)
• Manuel Herz Architects (Basilea, Svizzera) | Manuel Herz
• Marte.Marte Architects (Weiler, Austria) | Bernhard Marte; Stefan Marte
• Matharoo Associates (Ahmedabad, India) | Gurjit Singh Matharoo
• menos é mais (Porto, Portogallo) | Francisco Viera de Campos; Cristina Guedes
• NLÉ (Amsterdam, Olanda) | Kunlé Adeyemi
• Norman Foster Foundation (Madrid, Spagna) | Norman Foster with Redline-EPFL (Losanna, Svizzera) | Jonathan Ledgard with Ochsendorf, DeJong & Block (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) | John Ochsendorf; Matthew DeJong; Philippe Block with Block Research Group, ETH Zurich (Zurigo, Svizzera) | Philippe Block; Tom Van Mele
• ORG Permanent Modernity (Bruxelles, Belgio) | Alexander D’Hooghe, Luk Peeters, Natalie Seys
• Paulo David (Funchal, Portogallo)
• Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Concepcion, Cile) | Mauricio Pezo; Sofía von Ellrichshausen
• Rahul Mehrotra and Felipe Vera (Mumbai, India e Santiago, Cile) | Rahul Mehrotra; Felipe Vera
• Raphael Zuber (Chur, Svizzera)
• Recetas Urbanas (Siviglia, Spagna) | Santiago Cirugeda
• Renato Rizzi (Venezia, Italia)
• Renzo Piano Building Workshop (Genova, Italia) e G124 (gruppo di lavoro del Senatore Renzo Piano, Roma)
• Robust Architecture Workshop (Colombo, Sri Lanka) | Milinda Pathiraja
• Rock Garden (Chandigarh, India) | Anuj Saini
• Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (Londra, Gran Bretagna) | Richard Rogers; Graham Stirk; Ivan Harbour
• Rural Studio, Auburn University (Newbern, Alabama, USA) | Andrew Freear; Rusty Smith; Xavier Vendrell; Elena Barthel
• Rural Urban Framework, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) | Joshua Bolchover; John Lin
• SAAS (Porto, Portogallo) | Samuel Gonçalves
• School of Architecture, University of Waterloo (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada) | Robert Jan van Pelt; Anne Bordeleau; Sascha Hastings; Donald McKay
• Simon Velez (Bogotá, Colombia)
• Souto Moura – Arquitectos, S.A. (Porto, Portogallo) | Eduardo Souto de Moura
• SPBR Arquitetos (San Paolo, Brasile) | Angelo Bucci
• Studio Anna Heringer (Laufen, Germania) | Anna Heringer with Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst (Schlins, Austria) | Martin Rauch with Architekturmuseum der TUM (Monaco, Germania) | Andres Lepik
• Studio Jaeeun-Choi (Tokio, Giappone) | Shigeru Ban Architects (Tokio, Giappone) | Jaeeun-Choi; Shigeru Ban
• Studio Mumbai Architects (Mumbai, India) | Bijoy Jain
• Studio Snozzi (Locarno, Svizzera) | Luigi Snozzi
• Studio TAMassociati (Venezia, Italia) | Massimo Lepore; Raul Pantaleo; Simone Sfriso
• Tadao Ando Architect & Associates (Osaka, Giappone) | Tadao Ando
• Tatiana Bilbao Estudio (Città del Messico, Messico) | Tatiana Bilbao With Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura (Città del Messico, Messico) | Rozana Montiel with Dellekamp Arquitectos (Città del Messico, Messico) | Derek Dellekamp with Alejandro Hernández (Città del Messico, Messico)
• Transsolar with Anja Thierfelder (Stoccarda, Germania) | Matthias Schuler; Anja Thierfelder
• TYIN tegnestue (Trondheim, Norvegia) | Yashar Hanstad; Andreas Grønvedt Gjertsen
• VAVStudio (Iran) | Arash Aliabadi; Afshin Farzin; Saman Shamsbeki; Sakhi Shirmohammadi; Amin Tadjsoleiman
• Vo Trong Nghia Architects (Hanoi, Vietnam) | Vo Trong Nghia
• Werner Sobek (Stoccarda, Germania) • ZAO / Standardarchitecture (Pechino, Cina) | Zhang Ke

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