51st International Theatre Festival, 15 Jun 2023 — 01 Jul 2023

51st International Theatre Festival

The 51st International Theatre Festival focusses on the revitalisation, resurrection, rebirth and freedom of the human being.

This new edition of Biennale Teatro 2023: Emerald green as a symbol of regeneration after winter, a platform of political and poetic resistance, will continue to defend the idea that Theatre, Art and Culture must safeguard their public service mission; this will be a vibrant and hypnotic laboratory of theatrical creation, an essential reference as an outpost of heroic utopias and revolutionary wonders, and will drape itself in emerald green, for a symbolic horizon that stands for a time of profound change, of transformation, of transition to a new phase of life: the regeneration after winter, the revitalisation, the resurrection, rebirth and freedom of the human being.

There is a celebration of the awakening of spring for Theatre too, now more than ever tasked with stimulating the fantasy and the imagination of the spectator, who is saturated with images today and passively stimulated by digital technology. Like a reactive mimetic chameleon dynamically in step with the times, Theatre articulates disparate fragments allowing them to vanish in perspective, capturing reality to filter it through its visionary outlook, (de)constructing appearances and/or (re)composing the meaning of an incoherent daily reality.

A 2023 edition of magic spells, of addressing the growth factor, with the green that becomes the metaphor for an exuberance that is not merely planetary, but above all moral.
Dorothy’s ruby slippers are donned to undertake a spiritual journey in search of identity; a role that Theatre has played and continues to play as the mirror of a society that needs to be challenged so that it does not remain petrified in the contemplation of its own image and the acclaim of others.

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