Arte Fiera 2018: an Interview with Angela Vettese

by My Art Guides Editorial Team
January 31, 2018
My Art Guides Editorial Team
Vettese Angela

On the occasion of the opening of Arte Fiera, My Art Guides has interviewed the Artistic Director to learn more about the 42nd edition of the fair.

My Art Guides: Why should a collector from abroad make the journey to Arte Fiera?

Angela Vettese: Because Italian art is both important and ever yet underestimated. The success of Italian sales in auctions abroad has demonstrated this for a number of years now. A few Italian galleries still fervently take on the role of an artisan, it is this quest for the well-made which makes the distinction between primary and secondary markets, the relative distance from a financially driven art world which reduces a work of art to a mere investment opportunity.
It goes without saying that Bologna is also beautiful, boasting a historic city centre which brings together centuries of history and reveals many surprises to those who are not only on the hunt for restaurants. The Polis/Artworks section was created for this purpose: around the city, above all in the wonderful university recesses, in its libraries and museums one can discover an itinerary of both modern and contemporary works of art in dialogue with both history and science

MyAG: In the second year of the fair under your direction, in your opinion what is it that makes Arte Fiera a reference point for Italian art production?

A.V.: Arte Fiera is not only a reference point for Italian art production, but it is also for galleries which know how to successfully converse with foreign art production. In this light, we are not talking about a purely national exhibition-market, but mostly about the occasion for an international overview too. 

MyAG: In your opinion what are the must-sees for a collector during Arte Fiera 2018?

A.V.: We all have our different tastes. For those who are after Modern Art, they will find something to bite into at Galleria dello Scudo or at Matteo Lampertico. Those who love the sixties will find a wall of photographs by Mario Schifano at Galleria Mazzoli, heart sinking stuff which takes us back to the time of analogue photography. Those who prefer objects will find delight when faced with Gianni Piacentino‘s vehicles, a mechanics maniac in the world of motors, but above all the creator of synthetic and futuristic shapes which we are only now beginning to fully understand. Another re-discovery, Irma Blank, thanks to one the most energetic galleries of the last generation, P420.

MyAG: What does the new section Modernity focus on?

A.V.: On the grouping together of important works by a solo artist, provided that he has demonstrated maturity and modernity, regardless of both market trends and personal data.

Arte Fiera runs February 2-5, 2018 with vip and press preview on February 1st (by invitation only).

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