Awaiting Venice Biennale 2024: Mariateresa Sartori

We met Venice based artist Mariateresa Sartori in her studio on the Island of Murano.
by Lara Morrell
Lara Morrell
Mariateresa Sartori

Tell us a little about your background and evolution as an artist?

I reside in Venice, I was born here and pursued my education in this enchanting city. While studying German language and literature at university, I concurrently delved into courses at the art academy, including drawing, graphic design, and even fresco techniques during my time in Milan. My diverse interests have always driven me to seek synergies between disciplines.

For instance, my academic thesis explored the intersection of German literature and Freudian art psychology, which led me to create engravings as a visual accompaniment. My research interests span human behavior, empirical scientific methodologies, and the interplay of music and language.

Although I avidly consume scientific literature, my comprehension often feels limited, akin to reading poetry. Paradoxically, this partial understanding fosters a space for free associations and creative inspirations to flourish.

In my artistic pursuits, I experiment with merging scientific instruments and creative expression. For instance, I repurposed an anemometer, a scientific tool measuring wind speed, into a mechanized drawing apparatus. By harnessing the wind’s force, I allow nature to dictate the creation process, resulting in a series of unique drawings.

Central to my work is the tension between objectivity and subjectivity. While I strive for mechanical precision, my inherent artistic sensibilities inevitably imbue each creation with a personal touch.

Sound and language, and their emotive qualities, play an important role in your work, could you expand on this?

By manipulating language phonetics, I aim to evoke the musical essence of speech, a sensory experience often overlooked by native speakers.

One of my projects involves transforming well-known poems by rearranging consonants, rendering them meaningless yet strangely familiar. Through this linguistic deconstruction, I invite audiences to reconsider their relationship with language and sound.

Tell us about your relationship to Venice…

Growing up on the island of Lido, amidst its natural beauty and distinct environment, has profoundly shaped my artistic perspective. While Venice symbolises international connectivity and cultural exchange, Lido remains my anchor to nature and solitude.

Today, as a resident artist in Venice, with my studio situated in Murano, I cherish the city’s vibrant artistic community and the opportunities it offers for creative exploration. Venice, with its rich history and diverse influences, continues to inspire and enrich my artistic journey.

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