Sara Enrico

by Jessica Stella
November 2, 2021
Jessica Stella
Sara Enrico

Sara Enrico is an Italian artist who lives and works in Turin.

Starting from a deconstruction of the codes of painting and tailoring, her work investigates the potential of the surface and the relationships between body, dress, and space using materials such as canvas, cement, pigments, bronze, technical textiles, industrial and digital procedures.
As a physical and linguistic system, her work interprets reality by experiencing “tactile proximity”.

We have asked her about her relationship with Turin and what it means to work in the art field in Savoy city. We also asked to recommend what to visit and where to go for leisure.

Explore the city with Sara.

Turin gives me the impression of living in a sometimes paradoxical place, and for this reason, it is fascinating. In the city and the neighborhood, you can find artisans, printers, workshops, and textile companies I have established stable contacts with over the years, even to work remotely. And I feel Turis is an economic city.

My sources of inspiration are numerous, I would not single out one of them all, from art history and music to architecture and design. The sculptural form, which I prefer, manages to unite diverse perspectives. I recently looked at Nanni Strada’s Il Manto e La Pelle.

I experienced platforms as “Progetto Diogene“, I’ve been part of it until 2012, and the season of Laboratorio del Dubbio (seven chapters in just over seven months in 2016) where I had the chance to cultivate fruitful relationships and moments.

I do not, however, feel any rootedness, nor have I ever sought strong ties in specific contexts.

At the moment, Turin remains to be a beautiful city to have a studio and a place for encounters with amazing people, that live here or come and go.


Sara Enrico, Mirroring, 2019. Photo Beppe Giardino. Courtesy of the artist and Quartz Studio Turin

My favourite places are certainly Carol Rama‘s studio house and Casa Mollino opposite. I like going to the Egyptian Museum or stopping outside the entrance of the Teatro Regio to listen to the arias that are on the monthly programme of the theatre.

Further on, there is the Auditorium Rai, near the record shop I often go to, Les Yper Sound. Not far away are Quartz Studio and Cripta747. Among the new galleries: BAR in Quadrilatero Romano.

While in my free time I often go to “Qui” in the Vanchiglia area, and to “Edicola – Vini e Cucina” not far from Porta Palazzo. One of my favorite restaurants is Trattoria Decoratori ed Imbianchini, in the quiet area of Precollina.

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