Villa Cassia di Baccano

A luxury resort in Tuscany, ideal for a dream holiday between nature, sports and relaxation

Villa Cassia di Baccano is a Tuscany Resort in Italy, near Florence, Arezzo and Siena with a fascinating history. Built in the XVII century as a nuns convent, after the WWI a Roman noble family, the Cornacchia Palmieri, bought it and made it their Tuscany Villa. The arms of the resort belong to this family. In this period were built the mill and the library, and family started to produce wine and oil. The actual property made Tuscany Suite Resort Villa Cassia di Baccano the perfect location for a honeymoon in the Tuscany Hills or a family-friendly vacation with kids. You will breathe an unforgettable atmosphere that will let you relax. The suite apartments are perfect both for a holiday in couple and with family or kids.

Via Venezia, 52024 San Giustino Valdarno AR, Italy
Contacts & Details
T: +39 055 9772310
W: Villa Cassia di Baccano

Via Venezia, 52024 San Giustino Valdarno AR, Italy

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